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Heavy criticism of government's return policy
Norway is obliged to monitor what happens with people who are deported to dangerous countries. But it does not happen, writes researcher Maja Janmyr in an article in the magazine Røyst.
Violation of article 3 of the Convention to deport vulnerable people back to Italy
The European Court of Human Rights finds that it is a violation of Article 3 of the European Convention of Human Rights to deport vulnerable individuals back to Italy under the Dublin Regulation.
A practical guide on Monitoring Immigration Detention
The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the Association for the Prevention of Torture (APT) have presented a new manual on how to monitor immigration detention.
Lawyer about the ''asylum campaigns'': What about all the others?
Last year there were not 5934 torchlight parades, signature campaigns or media stories about deported asylum seekers. But 5934 was the exact number of people deported from Norway.
 - VG
Infamous Youth of the Progress Party Christmas calendar bragging about deportation of asylum seekers - (Norwegian)
The Christmas calendar from the Youth of the Progress Party (FpU) faces severe criticism. The Youth of the Socialist party (SU) calls the slot for 18th of December, bragging about deportation of asylum seekers, for truly sickening.
 - VG
Sonya (6) and her siblings returned to Kabul - (Norwegian)
Just a few hours after Minister of Justice Anders Anundsen settled on a new agreement for asylum children, two Afghan families with children where sent back to Afghanistan.

The Netherlands has started to deport people to Mogadishu
Two men were deported from the Netherlands to Mogadishu, Somalia on 23 and 30 November. For several years it was not possible to deport people to the city because of lack of cooperation from the Somali authorities.
 - Aftenposten
More than 800 people deported from Norway in October - (Norwegian)
The record number of 824 deportations in October is an all time high for any given month - and the authorities are closer of reaching their goal of 7100 deportations in 2014. A total of 5876 people have been deported so far this year.
 - Nettavisen
Another asylum seekers sent out of Norway - (Norwegian)
GARDERMOEN AIRPORT: While you are sleeping they are working full time with arrests and forced returns. Every night someone is sent out of Norway .
 - Oslo

Teenager imprisoned after being deported to Iran

Kurdish Rahim Rostami (age 19), known from a documentary on Norwegian television, was imprisoned in the Evin prison, Tehran after he was deported from Norway to Iran in early February.
Rahim Rostami (19). Photo: Frode Olsen

Rahim Rostami whose asylum application had been rejected by the Norwegian authorities was arrested by the police on February 8th and deported to Tehran, accompanied by two Norwegian policemen, the next day.

After being handed over to the Iranian authorities he has been taken to interrogation and later to the notorious Evin prison where he has been held in solitary confinement.