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A practical guide on Monitoring Immigration Detention
The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the Association for the Prevention of Torture (APT) have presented a new manual on how to monitor immigration detention.
Lawyer about the ''asylum campaigns'': What about all the others?
Last year there were not 5934 torchlight parades, signature campaigns or media stories about deported asylum seekers. But 5934 was the exact number of people deported from Norway.
Family of nine left at airport after deportation
Norwegian authorities deported a family of nine to Paris, France nine days ago. The mother and her eight children ages 4 months to 15 years have nowhere to go and are stranded at the Charles de Gaulle airport.
Kabul is no safe haven for deported Afghan refugees
The story of an Afghan family deported from Norway to Kabul on 17 January while the security situation deteriorates in the country.
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More than 14 000 foreigners without permission to stay in the country - (Norwegian)
The Police Immigration Service (PU) has registered that more than 14,000 foreigners are staying illegally in Norway. A total of 5,000 individuals without permissio to stay live in asylum centers around the country.
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I have to get out of here - (Norwegian)
Half a year ago Taiman Agid Fatah (27) was deported to Iraq after 13 years in Norway. During a Skype conversation with Rudi Bakken from Bergen Taiman showed his friend some of the arriving refuguees fleeing from ISIS in the city of Zakho.
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Former Taliban minister will sue Norway after expulsion - (Norwegian)
Abdul Rauf Mohammad will sue Norway after he was expelled, says his lawyer Brynjar Meling. The lawyer fears for the former health minister's security in Afghanistan.
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Former Afghan Taliban minister expelled from Norway - (Norwegian)
The former health minister in the Taliban government in Afghanistan, Abdul Rauf Mohammad, was arrested and deported to Kabul in early July according to Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK).
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The Norwegian Immigration Board suspends forced returns to Gaza - (Norwegian)
The obligation to return voluntarily to the area after final rejection of the asylum request is temporarily suspended by the Immigration Board.
 - UDI
Norway suspends forced returns of migrants to eight provinces of Iraq - (Norwegian)
The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration and Immigration Appeals Board announced last month a suspension of forced returns of migrants to eight of the 19 provinces of Iraq, in view of ‘the deteriorating and unpredictable security situation in Iraq’. Until further notice, applicants will not be returned to the provinces of Anbar, Babylon, Baghdad, Diyala, Karbala, Kirkuk, Ninewa and Salah al-Din.
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Teenager imprisoned after being deported to Iran

Kurdish Rahim Rostami (age 19), known from a documentary on Norwegian television, was imprisoned in the Evin prison, Tehran after he was deported from Norway to Iran in early February.
Rahim Rostami (19). Photo: Frode Olsen

Rahim Rostami whose asylum application had been rejected by the Norwegian authorities was arrested by the police on February 8th and deported to Tehran, accompanied by two Norwegian policemen, the next day.

After being handed over to the Iranian authorities he has been taken to interrogation and later to the notorious Evin prison where he has been held in solitary confinement.