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Family of nine left at airport after deportation
Norwegian authorities deported a family of nine to Paris, France nine days ago. The mother and her eight children ages 4 months to 15 years have nowhere to go and are stranded at the Charles de Gaulle airport.
Kabul is no safe haven for deported Afghan refugees
The story of an Afghan family deported from Norway to Kabul on 17 January while the security situation deteriorates in the country.
ECRE joins UNHCR in urging not to send asylum seekers back to Bulgaria under the Dublin agreement
In its observations on the current situation of asylum in Bulgaria, UNHCR considers that asylum seekers in Bulgaria face a real risk of inhuman or degrading treatment due to systemic deficiencies in reception conditions and asylum procedures in the country.
Peoplepeace opens deportee hotline
Pi is for people who are being deported or have been deported from Norway.
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A 37 per cent increase in deportations from Norway - (Norwegian)
A total of 1705 persons were deported from Norway by the National Police Immigration Service in January, February and March 2014. That is a 37 per cent increase compared to the three first months of 2013. By the end of March last year a total of 1248 persons had been deported from Norway.
Persecution and Protection in Somalia: A Fact Finding NOAS Report - (English)
Norwegian Organization for Asylum Seekers (NOAS) recommends in its new report that all returns to internal displacement in Mogadishu are stopped.
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Parents deported, children left in the country - (Norwegian)
Norway deports mothers out of the country while their biological children are left in the care of child welfare system. The Nigerian ambassador Benedict Onochie Amobi reacts strongly against this practice.
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I have thrown away ten years of my life - (Norwegian)
GARDERMOEN (AP) The number of deportations from Norway increases, and the majority of the deportees travel without a police escort.
UNHCR recommends that States suspend forcible returns to South Sudan - (English)
Political and ethnic conflict in the world’s youngest nation has led UNHCR to call for a suspension of forcible returns to South Sudan until the security situation has improved.
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Teenager imprisoned after being deported to Iran

Kurdish Rahim Rostami (age 19), known from a documentary on Norwegian television, was imprisoned in the Evin prison, Tehran after he was deported from Norway to Iran in early February.
Rahim Rostami (19). Photo: Frode Olsen

Rahim Rostami whose asylum application had been rejected by the Norwegian authorities was arrested by the police on February 8th and deported to Tehran, accompanied by two Norwegian policemen, the next day.

After being handed over to the Iranian authorities he has been taken to interrogation and later to the notorious Evin prison where he has been held in solitary confinement.